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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 23:48

24th July 2010, marked a historic day in the chapter of Malaysian motorcycling as the opening of the eeMV Agusta FLAGSHIP LIFESTYLE STORE opened its doors to the public for the first time in Malaysia. 

Having already opened several Flagship stores throughout the world, it is both a privilege and ease for the South East Asian public to have a taste that is the “Art of Motorcycling”. Present to officiate the opening ceremony is the Director of MOFAZ, Dato Nik Izani, and all the way from Italy, MV’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr. Umberto Ucelli.




Members of the press were invited to cover the event, which was full of fanfare and a delicious spread of Italian food.  


The store, located in uptown Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, promises to cater to discerning super biking lifestyle while epitomizing the MV brand as “The Art” of motorcycling. The rich and prestigious history synonymies the name of MV as art on two wheels, and as Mr. Umberto said, “In Italy the Ferrari is referred to as ‘MV of cars’ and not vice versa”. Very catchy and grand I must say. As well as selling all of the MV range, including the ultra trick, ultra rare and outrageously priced Euro100, 000(pre-tax) F4 1080CC, the Flagship store also offers the full range of accessories and clothing to suit the MV AGUSTA culture and fashion.



Brutale 1090RR


jacketI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08601.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08607.JPG

I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\smallmv.jpginstoreI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\New Image4.JPGMini F4, Brutale 990R, F4 1000

f4I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\New Image2.JPG

During the media launch, Dato Nik and Mr. Umberto explained the collaboration, expertise transfer and technical sharing that would benefit owners and new riders to the brand alike. On the open session, questions were posed such as vision and mission, sales target, warranty and claims, racing involvement, media test tide and new models.


Unveiling of the ultra rare, ultra trick, outrageously expensive and exclusive F4 1080CC


I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\f41080side.jpgI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\f41080.jpgI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\f4rearpipes.jpgI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08567.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08541.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08580.JPG

I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\DSC08541.JPG

Two weeks later, on the 6th of August, the store was visited by Paulo Roncolli, the Italian Trade Commisioner. This time around, the store was stocked with all the MV range including the very exclusive and super rare F4 “Oro” or Gold in Italian, the F4 Tamburini and of course the F4 1080CC. All these bikes are built on a production run of 100 units worldwide for a one time run only, so it is really a privilege to find three of the planet’s rarest and most exclusive bikes under one roof! The visit was followed by a photo session and open session for the media. Ms. Roncolli commented the Italian government was optimistic of the venture of MV and Mofaz even though there were problems with previous owners. She also touched on the possibility of an influx of Italian motorcycling products to Malaysia and hope that it would be a two-way market. The director of Mofaz, Dato Nik Izani added that they are targeting a high market capture with a focus on the higher income bracket, including opening a mini flagship store in Sarawak to cater to inquiries from the Brunei Royal Family! He also mentioned the recent good results in the Malaysian Super Series championships, where the MV F4 1000 placed a podium finishing 3rd in both races in the 1000cc Superstock category.


I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1602.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1604.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\DSC08553.JPG

Momos Madass 125, Cagiva Raptor


I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1753.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1746.JPG

Cagiva X-tra Raptor


I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1641.JPGI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1741.JPG

Super Rare F4 “ORO”, with signature of MOFAZ founder!


I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\DSC08558.JPG

I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\DSC08564.JPG

I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1660.JPG

Dato Nik and Ms Paulo posing with the F4 1000 and Mito SP525 

MVI:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist2\IMG_1650.JPG

Another rare classic, the F4 Tamburini

 On a final note, I talked to Mr. Ucelli on the upcoming F3 bike to be unveiled, and he promised to give me an exclusive on the model, saying that it will be in the 600cc category(675cc), 3 cylinder, and “Very, very beautiful!!”, to be launched by the end of the year. Watch this space!

I:\SHAM'S\Webbikeworld\MV FLAGSHIP STORE\shortlist\jep.jpg


Assistant Photographer Jeff posing with the official Launch Board.

 Here is the official PR transcript.

 MV AGUSTA Flagship Store Opens in Kuala Lumpur

MOFAZ Motosikal offers Italian superbiking lifestyle to discerning clientele

Kuala Lumpur, 24th July 2010 – MOFAZ Motosikal Sdn Bhd (MOMOS), the official distributor of luxury motorcycles, MV Agusta, launched their all-new MV Agusta Flagship Store today, in support of the brand expansion by the renowned Italian brand in Asia. MOMOS aims to proffer the exclusive lifestyle represented by MV Agusta motorcycles to preferred customers in and around Malaysia, backed by a comprehensive 3S concept of sales, service and spare-parts value proposition fully-endorsed by the principal.

The MV Agusta Flagship Store presents an innovative concept in minimalism, with distinctive interior designing dedicated to elegant display areas for motorcycles, clothing and special parts. MOMOS and MV Agusta is set to reply to the increasing demand of the Asian markets for very high quality, taste and refined products, reflected in the “Made in Italy” standards it has diligently conformed to.

Dato’ Nik Izani Nik Ibrahim, Director of MOFAZ Motosikal, was quoted as saying, “MOMOS has enjoyed the patronage of MV Agusta over the last 20 years as a result of our commitment in successfully placing the brand amongst the most coveted motorcycle brand in Malaysia. The exclusiveness of the MV Agusta brand verily appeals to the discerning clientele, who demand for only the best, and as such, only the best is offered by MOMOS to owners of MV Agusta motorcycles and prospective buyers”.

MV Agusta motorcycles represent an inimitable experience in design and technology for motorcycle enthusiasts the world over. Synonymous with exclusive styling that unites performance and riding emotions on road and track, MV Agusta motorcycles are the highest rated by the readers of the most prestigious international magazines. MV Agusta: Motorcycle Art epitomizes the flare and pizzazz Italian products the world over is renowned for.

The MV Agusta Flagship store is located in the elite Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur community, easily accessible through various highways and roads in the surrounding area. The range of products offered at the store include the MV Agusta motorcycles such as the top-of-the-line F4CC, the worldwide limited edition Tamburini, the F4 and the Brutale, as well as, the MV Agusta select clothing and accessories range to complement the ride experience of any MV Agusta aficionado.

For more details of the MV Agusta line-up, please e-mail your query to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call MOMOS at +603 7725 8507.

Issued by: MOFAZ Group Communications, 24072010 



 Your truly with Mr Rizal; Mofaz Sales Manager(with my son Hfiy on F4), Mr Adit Rahim; Head PR, Dato Nik Izani; Director , Mr Umberto Ucelli; MV Sales and Marketing Manager and Ms Paulo Roncolini; Italian Trade Commisioner 

Photos : Hajar; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   /Jeff; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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